Product Reviews and Giveaways

I would be more than happy to review any products or services that are relevant to my lifestyle as an eco-friendly, stay at home mom of an infant and two fur-babies. If you have a product or service for me to review, please email me with your company name, the product to be reviewed, a brief description of your product, pictures you wish to have included in the review and a link to your website. Please send inquires to shaybelle19[at]gmail[dot]com with all offers for reviews.
* If your product or service is not relevant to my lifestyle, I will respectfully decline your request.
If I choose to review your product, I ask that you send me a full size sample for review. Products will be thoroughly tested for two weeks so I have an adequate amount of time to test and review your product. All product reviews posted on this blog will be positive and honest reviews. If there is a major issue with the product or service provided for review, I will contact you directly.  Reviews will be well written and will include pictures, direct links to the product of review (if applicable), a direct link to your website and, most importantly, my honest opinions. I will provide you with a direct link to my review when it is posted.
In addition to reviews, you may provide a product, gift certificate or service of your choosing for a giveaway. I recommend sponsoring a giveaway as it is a great way to increase viewership and awareness for your company and products. You may choose who is eligible to receive a giveaway prize. Prizes can be offered to US participants, US and Canada participants or International participants. Giveaways will run for a minimum of 2 weeks and no longer than 4 weeks. Standard giveaway entries will include following your company through social media networks, such as facebook, Twitter and/or a blog. You may provide me with the URL’s that you wish to include. Giveaway participants will also be asked to visit your main website. At the conclusion of a giveaway, I will notify you of the winner and provide you with their mailing address, as I will not mail prizes to winners.

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