Earth Created Designs Review and GIVEAWAY!

I’m a traditional dresser. I don’t have any flashy clothes and I’m not into super trendy looks, like skinny jeans, flannel tops, etc. I love the look of cardigans with classic/trendy tops and simple bottoms like jeans or khakis. It’s practical for my job teaching in a preschool classroom and it can easily carry over for evening or weekend looks. I use jewelry to help dress up my look so it doesn’t look boring. I don’t like to wear multiple pieces at once because I love the look of statement jewelry. I like to have that one piece of jewelry really pop, whether it is a big necklace or chunky bracelet. I often have a difficult time finding statement pieces that don’t look tacky, aren’t too big or made with cheap materials. I find that the bracelets and necklaces I gravitate to are overpriced and then they break after a few wears so I’m always looking for new pieces to add to my collection or replace old and broken pieces.
While searching for some eco-friendly products online, I came across a company called Earth Created Designs. They sell hand crafted eco-friendly jewelry! Perfect! I can look good and feel good about the jewelry I wear! Their unique bracelets, necklaces and earrings are all handmade from all natural 100% green materials acai, coconut, Algarrobo and Tagua.  Not only are these materials natural, they are harvested in a sustainable manner. This truly is jewelry that you can feel good about wearing.
Earth Created Designs was gracious enough to send me the Platino bracelet to review! The Platino bracelet is made from natural red platino seeds set on memory wire. This is such a beautiful and vibrant piece of jewelry. It also seems like it is very well made. The seeds are all nice and tight on the memory wire and there are no kinks or oddly bent curves. The bracelet also does not have any edges or metal pieces sticking out that my snag your clothing. The Platino bracelet wraps gently around your wrist. Its one size that fits loosely enough where you don’t feel ‘wrapped up’ but you don’t have to worry about it slipping off your wrist like some large bangles. I love how brightly colored the bracelet is. It’s red enough to make a statement without being overpowering. I have a lot of clothes that are black, gray, white and navy. The red in this will really make my outfits ‘pop’.  
 I am in love with this bracelet and can’t wait to pair it with everything in my closet! If you love the look of the Platino bracelet, you’re in luck! Earth Created Designs is offering one of my readers a Platino bracelet of their own! 
*I recieved a free product for review purposes and I was not paid to write this review. All opinions of this bracelet are mine and mine alone.

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