Busy, Busy Weekend!

I have been absent from the blogging world for the past few days but for good reason! I spent last Thursday celebrating my birthday with my little family. I love to shop so my husband took me and babycakes shopping at the outlets. We’ve brought babycakes shopping with us at places like Target or the grocery store but this was our first big shopping outing with her. Since babycakes is breastfed, I made sure to pump enough milk to bring with us so we could bottle feed. She is not new to a bottle, she has a few a week so my husband can feed her or for when we’re out and I’m not sure if there will be somewhere for me to breastfeed. I’m not against breastfeeding in public, I’m just not comfortable doing it. Since the outlet malls are very public places with very little privacy anywhere, I made sure I had twice enough milk with us than I knew we would need, just in case.

Babycakes had other plans. When she’s napping and gets hungry, she starts screaming immediately without warning. Great, right? It’s especially great when you’re in a public place with lots of strangers that don’t know your baby’s personality. Since we had her bottles there and ready to go, we promptly took her out of the stroller to feed her. She absolutely refused the bottle. She wouldn’t take it cold, she wouldn’t take it warm, she wouldn’t take it from me, she wouldn’t take it from her daddy. She was like Sam from Green Eggs and Ham. She wouldn’t take it anywhere, any way, any how. To the car we went, all the while with a screaming baby, and I mean SCREAMING. It seemed like we parked miles away. I ended up breastfeeding in the car with a blanket over us for privacy. Of course, the owners of all the cars came back to their cars in the 45 min. I was sitting there feeding my baby. Murphy’s Law, right?! Overall, it was a great day, minus that one little bottle blip!
Saturday was my dad’s birthday but it was also the day of our cousin’s birthday party. We got to have breakfast with my dad (who said holding Kelsey on his birthday was the best gift he could have) before we were off to the birthday party 1.5 hours away. It was Babycakes first birthday party and it also happened to be a 1st birthday party!
Sunday was another busy birthday celebrating day. We went to my parents for a birthday dinner for my dad and me. At this point, Babycakes had had enough celebrating and was tired and grumpy. Very, very grumpy. It’s a lot for a baby and that’s the busiest we’ve been since she was born. I’m happy to say that we survived a very busy long weekend of celebrations.
Since we were away for the majority of the last 4 days, the schedule that I had worked so hard on flew right out the window. Today I’ve been back at it trying to establish a bit of normalcy for Babycakes. She adapted to the schedule well this morning but she had a hard time going down for a nap. She finally went down for a nap around 2 so we will see what the rest of the afternoon brings us. Soon enough, we will get this schedule down!

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