My babycakes has been smiling during her active sleep stage since she was about a week or week and a half old. She started smiling socially at about 4 weeks old but trying to catch her smile on camera was like trying to get a picture of the loch ness monster! As fast as her smile would come, it would go away. It would disappear before I could even think about grabbing the camera or my phone she would be back to frowning. In the last few days, her ‘sunny side’ had finally started to come through. She has been a very curious and alert baby since birth but in the last week or so she has been doing some serious focusing on our faces, voices and interactions with her. Her new found interest in social interactions has lead to more ‘play time’, focusing more on her books during story time and practicing her coo’s and ahh’s. It also meant being able to see her beautiful smile more often and for longer periods of time. Because she was smiling longer, I was finally able to catch it on camera…yay!

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