33 Weeks 2 days

I can’t believe I’m already 33 weeks! Time is really flying but at the same time I’m ready to be done. I’m lucky to still be sleeping alright at night but I am so, so tired during the day trying to keep up with my preschoolers. Thank God I’m on April vacation this week!
Baby K is looking great. I’ve been having weekly non-stress tests to monitor contractions that I’ve been having since 28 weeks. My doctors believe that the contractions are being caused by dehydration but I’m literally drinking as much as I can. It has been much better since being home this week. It’s difficult to drink constantly in the classroom since I can’t run to the bathroom whenever I need to.
When I last updated, Baby K was measuring big, by about a week, for her gestational age. At my last growth scan at 32 weeks, she was measuring right on track.
I had my first baby shower last Saturday. I got so many awesome things from my family and I am so thankful for my mom and sister for hosting! One of my favorite gifts was from my friend, a cloth diapering mama! She gave me a Bumgenius freestyle and and Itti-bitti tutto but the best part was she MADE me a bunch of super cute diaper covers! They are adorable and a few of them even had ruffles on the butts! I will have to post pics of them soon. They are so cute I can’t wait to use them on Baby K!


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