Quick Meal Ideas

I used to make homemade meals almost every night, just not the nights we had leftovers. I love cooking but sometimes, I just can’t stand it. Some nights, I don’t want to spend an hour prepping and cooking an awesome meal but I also don’t want to spend extra money (and calories) on takeout. Life just seems to be getting in the way of making, eating and enjoying a meal with my husband. Not only am I tired after a long day in a preschool classroom but my husband works really long hours. He’s a full time teacher, coaches 3 sports and is taking several classes for his masters degree each semester. Needless to say, he is home very late almost every night. Who wants to cook dinner at 9 or 10 at night? Not me! So here I am, asking for help. I need some ideas for meals that I can make ahead of time and freeze for those nights I either don’t want to cook or when my husband comes home late. Please share your recipes with me!

3 thoughts on “Quick Meal Ideas

  1. I love making Taco Soup and then freezing it, it is the easiest thing to make and it freezes really easily. Then you can choose how you want to freeze it, either in one serving or multiple serving. Then I just keep chips, cheese, and sour cream on hand. Also you can make it in the crock pot and then its ready when you get home!! Here is my recipe which is REALLY spicy but you can always leave things out too.1 lb ground meat1 can Sweet Corn1 can stewed tomatoes with lime and cilantro1 can diced green chilies3 whole and chooped Jalapenos1 packet taco seasoningIn a skillet brown the hamburger meat and add the taco seasonging to meatIn a seperate pan warm all other ingridients until boiling, add the meat and simmer for about 5 more minutesTop with shredded cheese, fresh avocados, and lime flavored tortilla chips

  2. I am not good about freezing meals ahead of time, but I do looooove my crockpot. Do you use one? I have loads of recipes for that! By the way, found you on Friday facebook hop at RMR! Come see me at Savings In Seconds! šŸ™‚

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