My First Meatless Monday

I’m using the term “First” rather loosely. This probably isn’t really the very first Monday in 20-something years that I haven’t eaten meat. I’m sure there have been plenty. However, this is the very first Monday where I am making it a point habit to not eat meat. By cutting back on meat for just one day, hubs and I will make a difference in reducing our carbon footprints. Our health will also benefit from going meatless one day a week. If you would like to read more about the Meatless Monday Campaign, you can visit their website. In the meantime, feast your eyes out on my meatless Monday meal:

Mushroom Marsala with Penne
Daily Greens:
According to eHow, “Parsley is an excellent source of vitamins C, A and K as well as iron and folate. The oils that exist in parsley come together to offer the body certain amazing health benefits. These “volatile” oils have been shown in studies to inhibit the growth of tumors in the lungs and brain. The components of parsley also help to cleanse the body of toxins. The flavonoids present in parsley function as antioxidants to the blood.”

10 thoughts on “My First Meatless Monday

  1. I absolutely love your food post. I am trying to go meat free as well. My bf is vegan and sometimes our diets clash. I also don't want to get high blood pressure or diabetes in the future so I'm trying to do it the healthy way. I look forward to continue reading your blog!

  2. I'm visiting from the Newbie Blog Hop! Not only does that look delicious but what a great thing to challenge yourself to. I've been trying to cut back on meat myself but getting my husband to agree has been the hard part haha. Happy Wednesday :)-Holly @ Eight Six Eleven

  3. I am beginning to learn about green after all these years of doing whatever is easier, cheaper, etc I never thought parsley could have so much to offer. Go Parsley! I also, however ignorant this sounds have no idea how eating meat makes our carbon footprint worse. EEK I have much to learn!Gladys P

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