Livin’ the Green Life

I have recently started blogging and decided that I wanted to create a separate blog for ‘green’ related ‘things’. I love ‘things’. I am a true material girl. However, as I am getting older, I am realizing that ‘things’ are less important. Big picture ‘things’ like, the environment and where all these ‘things’ come from are beginning to make me think. All of the ‘things’ I love come at a cost to somebody, whether it be the trees that were cut down to make the pretty; frilly paper I love, the leather (who knows where that comes from) to make the pretty Coach purses I love, or my wallet (Coach again…). All of these things take a toll on SOMETHING, SOMEWHERE.

So today, I am making a vow. I am vowing to try to live my life as greenly as possible, one baby green step at a time. Instead of stockpiling all of the lovely little things out there, I am vowing to be more conscious about where those lovely little things come from. I am willing to stop and ask myself, “Are these lovely little things environmentally friendly? Are they made from sustainable materials? Can I recycle these lovely little things when I am ready for new lovely little things?”

This is my journey as a material girl, living in a green world.

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